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Shortly afterward, Anakin stayed behind in a Grashal to fight off as many Yuuzhan Vong as he could and give the rest of the team time to accomplish the mission. Once inside, Anakin was able to get the Massassi children to join hands and push their way out of the Globe. In Vonda McIntyre's The Crystal Star (1994), Jaina is kidnapped and used in a plot, along with her siblings, to take advantage of their Force powers. Ganner Rhysode came to rescue Jacen, where Jacen proved his trust in Ganner by giving the other man his brother's lightsaber. It was later revealed that Thrynni Vae had been killed. His parents were allowed to visit every few months. Bad mens, Jaya! 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.1.1 The First Corellian Insurrection 2 Personality and traits 3 Relationships 3.1 Family 3.2 Romances 3.2.1 Tahiri Veila 3.2.2 Amber Graves 3.2.3 Married the daughter of Darth Cornholius. Anakin then asked his father what happened to Luke's hand. Chronological and political information [21], When their injuries from their trip to Tatooine were completely healed, Tahiri and Anakin made their way back to the Palace of the Woolamander to free the trapped souls within the Golden Globe. This Anakin Solo фото contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов. Later, Anakin led the Myrkr strike team to end the scourge of the Jedi-killing voxyn, where he gave his life to end the threat. While Veitch doesn't have anything against their decisions, he felt a certain amount of regret that many stories focusing on Anakin's inner conflict were never told. Remember, a lot of the NJO was made to kind of 'disenchant' the Star Wars universe in the sense that they were out to prove from the start that big names could die. [18][19] In the course of these storylines, he becomes a father. [28] He also designed the prototype for the Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droids (YVH) manufactured by Lando Calrissian,[7] as well as a computer program that kept track of usage of data in the library to facilitate missions for the Jedi.[10]. Anakin … Anakin Solo is the first threw this rift, his survival determined it was safe and possible after the probe droids. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [2], The group soon stumbled upon an AT-AT, which was inactive. After a memorial ceremony, Anakin was cremated by Luke Skywalker.[32]. However, the Emperor was killed, shot by Anakin's father, Han, before he could complete his plan. The Skywalkers discovered Sinkhole Station, a miniature version of Centerpoint Station. Anakin was uniquely attuned with Centerpoint Station.. Named for his maternal grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, as a child Anakin often feared succumbing to the allure of the dark side and … [2], Anakin's death forced Jacen into a prominent role, pushed his sister Jaina to the edge of the dark side, and launched Tahiri into the throes of despair. Because of this, they sneaked out of the Great Temple taking their uncle's astromech droid, R2-D2, with them. The series is set in the year 10 ABY. 1. While Anakin was in the process of repairing the ship and building a speeder to take him back to the Praxeum, Qorl, a former TIE pilot who had befriended his older siblings, showed up, allowing Anakin to leave him in charge of the repairs. Although he had managed to get Daeshara'cor back to the medical bay with the help from his aunt and uncle, she died—reassuring Anakin that she wouldn't have changed anything. He then tried to use the children to blackmail their mother into getting the New Republic to recognize Corellian independence. Hair color Follow 1191. The droid uploaded information regarding child-rearing into his memory banks and met the challenge with initial enthusiasm but mixed results. [7], Anakin determined that the Vong and their Peace Brigade allies would Attack the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, having had a vision of Tahiri in danger. Although Uldir lacked obvious Force sensitivity, he was determined to be a Jedi so Luke agreed to let him stay on at the academy for a while. [12], Jaina Solo and her twin brother Jacen were created by Timothy Zahn in the Star Wars expanded universe novel The Last Command (1993). Born six years after the death of his grandfather Anakin Skywalker, Anakin Solo was the youngest of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo's three children, and the strongest in the Force. Ikrit informed the pair that the Golden Globe contained countless trapped Massassi souls that could only be freed by Force-sensitive children. During Anakin's captivity, he became attached to Tigris who was his nursemaid and Hethrir's son. [7], Unfortunately, Anakin did not count on Tahiri, Valin Horn, and Sannah sneaking away from the Solusars to assist him. In Dark Empire II, Luke had a vision of Anakin and his siblings leading the Jedi Order. After evading more booby traps, the group discovered Kenobi's lightsaber. [42] The name "Anakin Solo" thus first appeared in Star Wars canon in 1994's Jedi Search, the first book of Anderson's trilogy,[12] and the character made his first appearance in the followup Dark Apprentice. The Yuuzhan Vong War and the death of Chewbacca caused Anakin to take his responsibilities as seriously as he took everything else in life. He fought against a new and terrifying villain without losing faith in what’s good and right. In the novel's climax, his father's copilot and best friend, Chewbacca, dies saving Anakin's life. [53], During the planning stage of The New Jedi Order series, Anakin was to be the main hero who would eventually take up Luke's role as the leader of the Jedi Order. My name is Anakin Solo, and this is my friend Tahiri Veila. Aragon directed the children to some similar carvings deep within a cave on Yavin 8. Soon after, 2-4S was destroyed, as well. – TARS Aug 24 '16 at 15:00. [34], Some time before 40 ABY, a droid, Anakin Sal-Solo with the personality and biometric data of Anakin was built by Thrackan Sal-Solo to operate Centerpoint Station. At Dubrillion, he rediscovered a lost Force skill, Battle meditation, and initiated a technique known as Force meld between his siblings. Short of reading the books I can’t find much detail… Height, style of light saber, color of saber and how old he is when he dies. [21], Anakin, Tahiri Veila, R2-D2, and Ikrit encounter a knobby white spider on Dagobah, Anakin remained troubled by visions of himself as a Dark Jedi, and by his heritage as the grandson of Anakin Skywalker, who had become the infamous Darth Vader. [22] UGO.com listed Jacen as their top Star Wars expanded universe character, calling him "one of the most fearsome—and most tragic—villains in the Star Wars universe".[23]. It's entirely possible that Han and Leia weren't very good parents. Uldir was the first to find Orloc and talked with him for a while. They also learned that it was held together by Sith magic that could only be broken by Force-sensitive children, as Ikrit had already told them. Solo spent nearly a year in captivity, during which he was tortured for weeks at a time. The extent to which the character arcs of the Solo brothers were reversed is unknown. His lineage continues with Ania Solo in Volume 2 of the Legacy comic book series. Let's say that Anakin is about 19 when Luke and Leia are born, which would make Han 25 … Anakin's response was to tell Ben to not let other Jedi grow dependent on him and that Jedi must have faith in themselves. He is lured to the dark side of the Force by Palpatine and becomes a Sith lord. Dieser Artikel behandelt den Jedi Anakin Solo; für das gleichnamige Schiff siehe Anakin Solo (Schiff). Wielding both his own violet lightsaber and her crimson lightsaber, he defended her from further injury. His sister and the other escapees flew his body to Hapes, where family and friends gathered for a funeral. Tahiri broke free and rescued Anakin—uttering a Yuuzhan Vong war cry—and the two made their escape. Anakin Solo's death was an impetus for his brother's transformation into the Sith Lord Darth Caedus. The desire to be out there saving the galaxy is in your blood so thick I can hear it screaming from here." The Solo children were ranked as the 16th top Star Wars heroes, according to IGN in 2008. Anakin appears in the Young Jedi Knights series by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, which follows the adventures of Anakin's siblings, Jacen and Jaina. Before they left, Sliven told Tahiri about her parents. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory I: Conquest, Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur, Young Jedi Knights: Return to Ord Mantell, Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef, The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide I: Onslaught, The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial, The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse, The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream, The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: Remnant, The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee, The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic III: Reunion, Prophets of the Dark Side: Villains for the Star Wars: New Republic Campaign, Part One, Around the Galaxy: Dark Horse Unmasks The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the New Republic, Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 29, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, Galactic Architecture 101 and the History of Centerpoint Station, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Redemption, How the Star Wars Expanded Universe Was Born, Star Wars: New Jedi Order Round-Robin Interview. His only child is a daughter named Allana. She is later revealed to be the daughter of Darth Vader and twin sister of Luke Skywalker, meaning that she herself is a Skywalker. Anakin's desire to live up to Chewbacca's sacrifice, coupled with his earnestness to save the galaxy—alone, if necessary, motivated him to place himself—sometimes rashly—in the forefront of action.[2][10][29][31]. [9] She wanted to redeem her father's name, and she also thought she could overcome her fear of Darth Vader by seeing, through her son, what her father could have been. Because of this, Uldir stole Ikrit's ship, Sunrider, Kenobi's lightsaber, and the holocron to travel to an abandoned space station called Exis Station where he believed Orloc was staying.[24]. The Anakin Solo was a Galactic Alliance Guard Imperial II-class Star Destroyer that possessed both the usual features of its line and several customizations that ultimately distinguished it from other Star Destroyers of the similar design. Anakin was worried that the native would attack, but when Mara gave him a button from her jacket, the native replied by bringing Anakin special roots from a Blba tree. He approved the deaths of characters, in theory, then told us who we COULDN'T kill (i.e., Luke). – The Witch King of Angmar Aug 24 '16 at 14:59. Any help with this?… If Han is 18 in Solo and Anakin is 12, that puts six years between the pair. He was able to defeat most, but was almost killed before Vua Rapuung, a Shamed outcast Yuuzhan Vong, came to assist him, asking for help. Beside him, Tahiri Veila snorted. Anakin was one of the pivotal figures in the Yuuzhan Vong War, participating in several of the major battles and developing effective tactics against the Yuuzhan Vong. [1] The New Republic was faced with the resurgent Imperial factions under the reborn Lord of the Sith and Galactic Emperor Palpatine. The droid was built incorporating Anakin's biometric data and thought patterns, which made him believe he was a resurrected Anakin until Ben Skywalker convinced it otherwise. While returning to the Praxeum, Anakin encountered many warriors. [28] Solo was also the first Jedi since Vergere to discover a way to sense the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force, an ability that he dubbed as the "Vongsense". Anakin SkywalkerBen Solo + ReyRulesCanon Feats OnlyInstead of Obi-Wan, Ben and Rey are sent to Mustafar to take down AnakinIn CharacterRandom Encounte Mara Jade noted that when he walked by, many females turned their heads to watch him. [1] In the Star Wars Legends continuity of events, his name was Jonash Solo. [34], With Shimrra dead, the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered and left for the Unknown Regions with Zonama Sekot. In 1999, the first novel of the New Jedi Order series was published, entitled Vector Prime by R.A. Salvatore. The Errant Venture an Imperial II Star Destroyer with a red paint job was the next through, carrying the future of the Jedi. Aside from the name, he was also prodigiously talented in The Force, as a pilot, and as a mechanic. [5] His affection for Rey and his parents ultimately turn him back to the light side and he becomes Ben Solo again. After avoiding being killed by Orloc's droids and Ranat mercenaries, the Jedi found Uldir and Orloc and tried to explain to Uldir that Orloc was a fraud. [40], By that time Caedus grew to despise the memory of his dead brother, whom he dismissed as a brat, and even resented the fact that he named his Star Destroyer after Anakin. Anakin-Solo. Unfortunately, an old enemy in the form of their cousin, the infamous Thrackan Sal-Solo fired the weapon, destroying the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Anakin Solo was a renowned human male Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. [15] Elaine Cunningham, author of the Dark Journey, commented that the story of the 2002 novel is a personal one focusing on a difficult time in Jaina's life.[16]. Anakin is, of course, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. However, it is just as likely that the spirit was either a hallucination or a deliberate trick on Vergere's part,[33] and even more so later, when Lumiya used Vergere to lure Jacen to the dark side. Anakin Solo and Jaina and Jacen. Chapter One. Jaina becomes a major character in Young Jedi Knights (1995) as Jaina and Jacen begin their Jedi training. 1.73 meters[4] [25], Anakin later returned to the Jedi Praxeum to aid in its reconstruction after it was attacked by the Second Imperium. Following that, Anakin accompanied Mara Jade Skywalker to Dantooine where Mara hoped to halt the progress of the Coomb spore disease that was killing her on the planet's unspoiled grasslands. [7], As a final testament to the level of the power he possessed before even reaching adulthood, Anakin Solo was able to achieve a state of Oneness with the Force at the time of his death. Despite her words, Anakin blamed himself for not being able to save her and live up to Chewbacca's sacrifice. The native, misunderstanding, brought Anakin a log. His belief in his inability to save others made him prone to second-guessing himself and questioning his actions, although once he had made up his mind, he rarely changed it. [14] In Champions of the Force (1994), Jaina helps her brother defend their unconscious uncle from the spirit of Sith Lord Exar Kun. Remember, a lot of the NJO was made to kind of 'disenchant' the Star Wars universe in the sense that they were out to prove from the start that big names could die. Anakin spent most of his childhood being kidnapped, roaming the Galaxy without adult supervision, being trained as a Jedi by a housepet, and killing. [17], Anakin showed Jacen and Jaina how to walk "in between" the force field using the Force and the children were able to escape using this technique. Anakin Solo was a Jedi Knight in the New Jedi Order and the third child of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo.He had two elder siblings: his sister, Jaina, and his brother, Jacen. Ben, on the other hand, always feels the light side pull him towards it and tries so very hard to be evil instead. However, Chewbacca and the Drall could not get out. Only after it was fully repaired was it clear that the Yuuzhan Vong had never intended to attack Corellia, but instead had planned a sneak attack on Fondor. 1. Anakin Solo when he was 10-11 years old he went to Yavin 8 to his uncle Luke Skywalker. At the age of eleven, Anakin attended the first session for younger students at the Jedi Praxeum in the Great Temple on Yavin 4. Afterwards, they returned to Yavin 4. While in a region known as the Lake of Apparitions, Anakin appeared to the Skywalkers. The year 40 ABY saw the creation of the Alliance's secret police force, the Galactic Alliance Guard, headed by Colonel Jacen Solo. Anakin should solo in canon if he has a rage amp, if not then Mace wins, Kenobi is pm a non factor. The team successfully rescued Ganner from the bridge, where Tesar Sebatyne shot the Yaght in the face, killing him. The Wookiee stood in the moon's trajectory, howling defiantly, and was crushed to death. Through a rare Force technique, Caedus enabled Veila to flow-walk into the past so that she could relive her final moments with Anakin just prior to his death. [11] She is the eldest child of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, and has appeared in various novels and the Champions of the Force set for the Star Wars Miniatures game. Send Note. When Han finished the story Anakin claimed that he was going to be Luke's hand one day and then went to sleep pitting his hands against his feet. [10][28][31] During his rescue mission on Yavin 4, he concluded that the Force was a manifestation of something greater: an overarching, fundamental truth. [3][4] He is taught the ways of the Force by his uncle, Luke Skywalker, but is corrupted and turned to the dark side by Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order. [27] He and Jacen then became Luke's apprentices. Feeling the end was near, Anakin admitted his love for her and the two shared a kiss. [11], Anakin spent the first year of his life on Anoth, an isolated planet which his uncle, Luke Skywalker, and the admiral of the New Republic, Gial Ackbar, had fortified to protect the Solo children. The twins play a small role in Kevin J. Anderson's Jedi Academy trilogy (1994). "[57] In addition, the Knightfall Trilogy, starring Danni Quee, was cancelled (even after the first book, Jedi Storm, was finished) in favor of its replacement, the Edge of Victory duology, in which Anakin features prominently. Jacen also may have encountered Anakin's Force ghost on Yuuzhan'tar in the Solo's former apartment. While the audience was distracted by the swordplay, Jaina sneaked up to Jacen's room and convinced him to leave. Everyone recognized Anakin as a hero, including small speeches by Tahiri, Han, Kyp Durron and young Tarc. [25], Thanks to a comlink Jacen was carrying, Leia, Anakin, and C-3PO found Jacen and Tenel Ka. How Anakin Solo Dies Despite being the youngest of Han and Leia’s children, Anakin Solo was arguably the fiercest fighter and greatest leader of the three during the Yuuzhan Vong War . Jacen dissuaded his brother from using the station as a weapon, on the basis that it was against the Jedi beliefs. [29], Anakin traveled with Mara and Luke to Duro after Tresina Lobi's apprentice, Thrynni Vae, went missing. In Invincible (2008), Jaina duels and kills Jacen. There, he met and befriended Tahiri Veila, an orphan from Tatooine. While in captivity on Coruscant, Jacen was tricked by Vergere, who was using Anakin's voice, to keep Jacen from killing the Dhuryam. Subsequent to these films' events, Han marries Princess Leia, hence connecting her family tree to his; their son Ben Solo is introduced in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They soon stumbled upon a slave city, where Eryl Besa and Drark were killed, and Anakin was wounded with an amphistaff through his side. [1], Anakin began developing Jedi tactics against the Yuuzhan Vong. Anakin Solo was a renowned human male Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. Michael A. Stackpole stated that he thought the decision to kill off Anakin was "a waste of character" and that his characterization of Anakin when writing the Dark Tide duology was partly due to the fact that he was "hoping, hoping, hoping that maybe somebody would decide that [Anakin]'d get a reprieve. Jacen confronted Anakin about his discussion with Ulaha, believing he had told her to make the suicidal attack on the Voxyn. Born to Rebellion heroes Han and Leia Solo, Anakin was destined for greatness from the beginning. Even after his death, Anakin Solo has been mentioned several times in most following novels, including a possible appearance in Traitor by Matthew Stover, as a droid in Betrayal by Aaron Allston as Anakin Sal-Solo, and in Backlash, where he appeared to his maternal uncle Luke Skywalker and to Luke's son, Ben Skywalker by Aaron Allston. Anakin Solo. Though this happened, the dark essence of the Emperor went in the direction of Anakin, however the Jedi Knight Empatojayos Brand protected him and gave his life so he could continue his. Episode IV / Episode IIIThese two characters have similar dialogue lines. 1. Writers of the New Jedi Order storyline revealed in a question-and-answer section of the paperback edition of The Unifying Force published on August 3, 2004 that Anakin was supposed to be the hero of the story and lead the Jedi Order, but this was changed due to the release of the Star Wars prequel films, in which the hero was also named Anakin. added by starwars101. [24] Richardson continued Anakin's adventures in the following two novels, Lyric's World and Promises, before Rebecca Moesta finished the series with Anakin's Quest, Vader's Fortress, and Kenobi's Blade, starting in 1996. Soon, he and Tahiri began sharing the same dream and decided it was their destiny to do what they did in the dream. "If this is what fine feels like, I'd hate to know what not fine feels like." [1] This love would continue even after Anakin was killed. Soon afterward, the Yuuzhan Vong followed them and a great massacre began. [7], Vua Rapuung helped Anakin reach the Yuuzhan Vong encampment. [7][31][45] During the Yuuzhan Vong War, they developed romantic feelings for each other—though neither of them openly acted upon it until they kissed for the first time on board an airless locker on the Yag'Dhul station. Anakin Solo Fan Fiction Review: Keeping The Light Burning Standard. ―Mara Jade Skywalker. However, Anakin told Jacen that he had not done so, and instead told the Bith to reveal the name of Eclipse Station to Yaght. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.1.1 The First Corellian Insurrection 2 Personality and traits 3 Relationships 3.1 Family 3.2 Romances 3.2.1 Tahiri Veila 3.2.2 Amber Graves 3.2.3 Married the daughter of Darth Cornholius. He and his Wookiee co-pilot and best friend, Chewbacca, are initially hired to transport Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Named after his maternal grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, as a child Anakin often feared succumbing to the allure of the dark side and becoming a Sith himself. He fought bravely in some of the war’s biggest campaigns, and his contributions in strategy, as well as combat, helped turn the tide in several instances. "[27], From a young age, Anakin's primary interest was in intellectual activities, especially solving mind-bending puzzles, a proclivity which later aided him in many adventures. Anakin Solo (grandson) Homeworld: Tatooine: Originally a slave on Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi prophesied to bring balance to the Force. Eventually, the other Jedi arrived, rescued Uldir, escaped Bast Castle, and returned to the Jedi Praxeum, with Kenobi's lightsaber and Asli Krimsan's holocron. [19], Eleven-year-old Anakin in front of the Golden Globe that held thousands of trapped souls, At the age of eleven, Anakin attended the first session for younger students at the Jedi Praxeum in the Great Temple on Yavin 4. Anakin Solo (grandson) Homeworld: Tatooine: Originally a slave on Tatooine, Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi prophesied to bring balance to the Force. 27 ABY (62), Baanu Rass, over Myrkr[2] Anakin Solo — Anakin Solo was something else. They discovered the moon was on collision course with the planet, endangering countless lives. There might also be стрелок. [23], Having arrived on Vjun, they discovered another vessel and feared another group had entered the castle first. [24], Anakin later returned to Coruscant and studied under C-3PO's guidance. While there, Luke again ordered Anakin to stay at the ship, but he and Chalco disobeyed. [48] Veitch developed Anakin as a child was inevitable if Han and Leia get married, so he became surprised when Timothy Zahn's novel The Last Command introduced Anakin's older twin siblings Jacen and Jaina. "I've got to agree with Tahiri on this one," said Corran Horn, running a concerned eye over the two teens. [7], During their flight from the Temple, however, Ikrit stayed behind to hold off the Peace Brigade and was killed. [14], Throughout the New Jedi Order series (1999–2003), Jaina pursues a life separate from her twin brother and becomes Mara Jade Skywalker's apprentice. About Anakin SOLO. He was how the whole prophecy was established - Qui-Gon Jinn found an immaculately conceived child with immense Force power and convinced the Jedi Council of this potential - and by all accounts was the defined Chosen One by the time George Lucas' original six … She is princess of the planet Alderaan, a member of the Imperial Senate and also an agent for the Rebel Alliance. He didn't tell us to kill anybody. He hardly ever saw his brother and sister. Anakin Solo and Jaina and Jacen. They landed on the worldship, but Kore and the droid 2-1S were destroyed in the process. The creative group decided the main story plot points (i.e., the deaths) and the author(s) created the action and situations.". While there, Anakin and his siblings became separated from the rest of the party because Anakin stopped to investigate something he had sensed through the Force. At the age of eleven, he attended the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, where he became fast friends with Tahiri Veila. Anakin told Tahiri that he loved her, and she snapped out of the Mezhan Kwaad's shaping. Knowing this, Caedus took advantage of Veila's feelings and used her emotional attachment to bring her over to the dark side. Anakin's birth is featured in Tom Veitch's Dark Empire II comic book miniseries (May 1995). [28], During this dark time, Anakin traveled to Sernpidal with his father and Chewbacca to pick up a shipment for Lando Calrissian. After reclaiming their lightsabers and hijacking a police speeder, though the two Jedi eventually reached the spaceport and escaped off-world with Corran Horn on their transport Lucre. There are several prophecies about Anakin that never took place because of his death. We are Jedi Knights, some of the people you came here to betray to the Yuuzhan Vong. Upon entering the castle, the group encountered lasers being shot at them. Winter was able to kill most of the invaders by triggering the base's defenses and fighting the Imperials on her own. [40], In 43.5 ABY Luke and Ben Skywalker journeyed to the Maw in order to find out information regarding Jacen's fall to the dark side. 10.5 ABY (45), Nespis VIII[1] Ikrit—who had sworn not to wield a lightsaber until he had found worthy students—dueled Orloc who was using Kenobi's lightsaber. Around 22 ABY, Jedi Master Tionne Solusar discovered Veila's connection to the Force and brought her to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.

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