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Two further Flexity 2 units, numbered 017 and 018, arrived on 1 and 15 December 2017 respectively after being ordered to assist with service demands when the extension to Blackpool North railway station opens. Getting around Blackpool and the Fylde Coast couldn’t be easier. Blackpool's tram service is being suspended but passengers requiring essential travel will be able to switch to the number one bus which also runs along the seafront. This included rebuilding older tramcars into the OMO cars and Jubilee cars followed by the purchase of the Centenary cars. Family day tickets are also available (1 adult and 4 children or 2 adults and 3 children). The tramway reopened on 4 April 2012 with Flexity 2 cars providing day to day services. 623 in Mystique show advert livery, Double-decker Jubilee class tram (Promenade), Open-topped Balloon tram No. A line was added in 1895 from Manchester Square along Lytham Road to South Shore, extended to South Pier with a line on Station Road connecting Lytham Road to the promenade in 1897.[7]. and two brand new Flexity2 trams will be added to the fleet, to cope with the extra passenger demand. It’s part of a wider regeneration project for Blackpool. Demolition and construction work is expected to take around two years. 011 at Burlington Road West tram stop, Initial launch and expansion (1885-1910s), Expansion - and contraction (1920s-1960s), 'A' and 'B' fleets only; excludes heritage fleet, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of modern tramway and light rail systems in the United Kingdom, List of town tramway systems in the United Kingdom, "Fiftieth anniversary of Sheffield trams", "BBC News - What happened to the 10-year transport plan? It celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2005. Rob Bray's tram and other transport photo page. In preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Blackpool Tramway in 1985, several trams were loaned to Blackpool, including: Bolton 66 (1981 onwards), Edinburgh 35 (1983–1988), Sheffield 513 (1984–1985, 2001–2011), Glasgow 1297 (1984–1986), Hill of Howth 10 (1985–1989), New South Wales, Australia steam tram 47 John Bull (1985) and Manchester 765 (1985–1988, … I for one love your town with all my heart I have always felt like this since I was a child…..God bless Blackpool and all who are trying so hard to keep it great. It includes: It’s official: In October 2020 hotel management company RBH and Marco Pierre White’s restaurant signed to the Talbot Gateway development, due to open in 2022. Tram - Fleetwood - Starr Gate. Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. The total investment in Phase Two Talbot Gateway is £34.6m. [24], Blackpool Tramway has the following main operational fleet (at March 2020):[25], The standard livery for the main fleet, introduced on the Flexity 2 trams, has purple fronts, with white sides, black window frames and a purple criss-cross pattern on the lower sides. [12] In January 2007 the City Class 611 prototype "supertram" was being tested on the tramway when it caught fire as it approached Central Pier, causing extensive damage. The £22m extension forms part of Talbot Gateway regeneration project around Blackpool North train station. Independently published for you by The Rabbit Patch Ltd. We are proud to be your local bus and tram provider. [citation needed] The line was operated by the Blackpool Ele… I have seen / read no mention of the bus stops on Talbot Road outside and opposite the former Wilco store. [38], The Tramway is operated by Blackpool Transport Services Limited (BT), which was set up in accordance with the provisions of the Transport Act 1985, and operates passenger transport service in the Fylde coast area through its bus and tram operations. Jack Gledhill On 22 July 1980, Balloon trams 705 and 706, On 13 March 2004, Centenary tram 644 derailed and collided with a wall on the promenade near Gynn Square. I hope they will be replaced because they would be a very convenient connection to the new tram terminus. It’s proposed that there will be a tram service every 10 minutes to the station, hence two new trams will join the Blackpool fleet. Blackpool Transport is the proud operator of Blackpool’s £100 million tramway. In 1899 550 V overhead wiring was installed and the conduit removed. Leave us a note and we'll get back to you when we can. I love Blackpool I feel that Blackpool does have a real great future ahead of it so please folk be kind to Blackpool Council they really are doing a great job. News & Media Website. The Promenade has always been good and I have walked up and down it many times over the years. Blackpool Council brochure for the Tramway Extension, you can download it here. More about Phase One of Talbot Gateway and Bickerstaffe Square. The inauguration was presided over by Holroyd Smith, the inventor of the system and Alderman Harwood, the Mayor of Manchester. 58 Gainsborough Road Growing demand for tram and train travel shows that the Blackpool tramway extension is sure to be a success. Like a trip up the Tower, a journey on the Blackpool trams forms an essential part of any visit to the town. A line was added from Talbot Square along Talbot Road to Layton in 1902. The tram, manufactured by Merseyside based Tram Power, was being tested as part of a bid to replace the current trams. Another problem was that electrical resistance was greater than anticipated and the voltage in portions of the conduit was far less than that generated at Blundell Street – 230 V dropped to 210 V at the junction with the main line on the Promenade, 185 V at Cocker Street and 168 V at South Pier (then Victoria Pier). Along the way, the tramway serves seafront attractions such as the Aquarium, Louis Tussaud's Waxworks, Central and North Piers and the most famous of them all, Blackpool Tower. Street running, open to all traffic – along Lord Street and North Albert Street in Fleetwood, and the soon-to-be-opened line to Blackpool North along Talbot Road in the town centre. It’s not pretentious, it’s just good food, served in a great environment.”, “This is also fantastic news for Blackpool town as well as Black and White. Council need to play hard ball and get this built ASAP so we can talk about proper extensions. The plan is to locate it in the centre of the development. My first memory of arriving in Blackpool was probably about 1955,it was my fathers birthplace,we were at central station thanking the loco driver, a huge black monster of an engine. I was dissapointed to see that the tracks ended at the entrance to the still operating Wilkinson store. Holiday Inn Blackpool will boast 144 bedrooms as well as Marco’s New York Italian restaurant. The Blackpool Tramway runs from Blackpool to Fleetwood on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire, England. Nine of the Balloon cars from the heritage fleet, numbered 700, 707, 709, 711, 713, 718, 719, 720 and 724, were modified (including widening of the platforms) between 2009 and 2012, so that they are available to operate both the full service, as extra capacity cars during peak times, etc., and the Heritage service. However, they are little used, and only six trams are now believed to be operational.[25]. The worldwide launch of this type of tram including showing the first new tram occurred on 8 September 2011 at the new Starr Gate depot.[28]. Click a … The tram will travel the length of Talbot Road and there will be a stop at Topping Street as near as possible to the railway station. Reserved ballasted track, open to trams only – from Cabin to Rossall and along Radcliffe Road in Fleetwood. At least three of the modified Balloon trams have also been painted into the purple livery. Rigby Road Depot, near Manchester Square, is where the traditional trams are kept. If it hasn’t been announced yet, I’m sure it won’t be long before the announcement is made of a overrun, the opening date will be put back and the budget will have to be reviewed and will go over budget. Thank you for reading this from David-Alan Reid. Friends of the National Tramway Museum. [6] It is operated by Blackpool Transport (BT) and runs for 11 miles (18 km). Nonprofit Organization. In 2004 campaigners behind the bid expressed disappointment that nothing had been done to take the plans forward in two years. It will make journeys for residents, commuters and visitors from the train station much easier. The Blackpool Tramway extension connects the promenade tramway with Blackpool North Railway Station. Nick Taplin, Chairman and CEO of Black and White Hospitality added: “This New York Italian is perfect for Blackpool. When does the Fleetwood - Starr Gate arrive? A 'heritage service' provided by unmodified, traditional trams operates on select weekdays, weekends, bank holidays and summer months, as well as on tours during the illuminations. On 24 September 2016, BTS heritage tram 272 caught fire due to failure of the rubber insulation on one of its cables; all of its passengers and staff were unhurt, except for a conductor who injured his hand breaking a glass panel to access a fire extinguisher. The Bombardier Flexity 2 trams now operate main services, with modified English Electric Balloon double-deck trams available if necessary. Click here for live arrival times and to see the full timetable for Fleetwood - Starr Gate that is closest to your location. Some trams such as the Blackpool and Fleetwood Racks and Boxes had side panels fitted to the roof for advertising purposes. They have had long enough to find a new place. 5237 relations. The final tramway extension was in 1926, along the promenade to Clifton Drive at Starr Gate where a connection was made with Lytham St. Annes Corporation Tramways. A new depot was built on Whitegate Drive in Marton. That number is growing and passengers are extremely happy with the service they get from our modern day, accessible trams. We’ll visit again before the building completely disappears! Up until 2011, the “Heritage” cars were the service fleet trams. I am exceptionally proud that our track record in both development and operations proved instrumental in this appointment. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Here are some photos taken in January 2019 –. National Rail tickets to Blackpool North or Blackpool South with a Plusbus add-on includes unlimited tram travel between Thornton Gate and Starr Gate. A new eastbound tram stop will be located in Talbot Square, to allow interchanges with the existing North Pier tram stops. The four Lancaster trams (Nos. A large fleet of vehicles that were retained from previous generations of the town's tramway operations, as well as some from other locations, are now operated as Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. She captured traces of the original tram lines of the Layton route, which once ran along Talbot Road. Demolition of Wilko’s building, Talbot Road – June to December 2020, Construction of the high street underpass – November 2020 to 30th April 2021, Construction of the Holiday Inn Hotel – October 2020 to April 2022, Tram extension and track completion – January to May 2021. Robertson Construction has already started working with Blackpool and the Fylde college, with the aim of providing real opportunities to people throughout the project and beyond. Blackpool tramway system began in 1885 - the first town in Britain to have such a means of transport, and it is the only tramway to have continued uninterrupted to the present day: after 1962 Blackpool had the last working street trams in the country and this remained the case until the 1990's when a later generation of trams were introduced in cities like Manchester and … ", "Blackpool tram route: Starr Gate–Fleetwood", "Tram Sunday celebrates 21st Anniversary", "Flexity 017 makes its journey to Blackpool! Credit to Blackpool Council, who have spent heavily to renew and reinforce the whole of it, in recent times, to keep at bay the ravages of the Irish sea. These formed the backbone of the fleet into the 21st century. Robertson Construction Group has been appointed jointly by Blackpool Council and development partner, Muse Developments. [11], For the first time the entire tramway was closed in November 2007 for five months of essential repair work, the second phase of an £11.8 million upgrade. Along the line to Fleetwood, between Rossall and Broadwater a more direct line was built in 1925. [12], On 1 February 2008 it was announced that the Government had agreed to the joint BT and Blackpool Council bid for funding toward the total upgrade of the track. That’s the body formed in 2015 to develop, approve and fund major transport schemes with a multi-million pound budget devolved by the Department for Transport from 2015/16. Two extra Flexity2 trams will cope with the extra demand and add on the extra services needed, which is also a huge bonus. Join us on Facebook at our Visit Fylde Coast Facebook Group, Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @visitFyldeCoast. Friend of Visit Fylde Coast Barrie C Woods took these photos of demolition at dusk, later that same day on 4 November 2020. The track consist of four different types: The tramcars are powered by 600 V overhead wire with electricity transmitted to the tramcars by pantograph and a few vintage trams by trolley pole.[32]. Personal Website. There is also a stretch in Blackpool from Rigby Road Depot to the Promenade along Hopton Road and Lytham Road used for trams entering and leaving service only. It will create up to 50 new full time equivalent jobs. The first part of the tramway opened on 29 September 1885, a conduit line running from Cocker Street to Dean Street on Blackpool Promenade. With a capacity of 75,643, it is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom, the second-largest football stadium, and the eleventh-largest in Europe. The new tram depot was built at Squires Gate and 16 new Bombardier Flexity2 trams arrived in the resort. Services on the TRAM stop at 23:15 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. [14] The tramcar was rebuilt at a cost of £150,000 but was not permitted to resume trials; it is currently scheduled to form part of a trial park & ride tram line in Preston. However, the best of the iconic and original Heritage Trams, many of which are over 80 years old, have been retained and superbly restored, and these are available to offer you a traditional tram ride along Blackpool’s famous coastline. I noticed that the diagram “plans for a new tram hub” showed something completely different than the mock-up “proposed terminus for the blackpool tramway extension”. The stretch of carriageway between West Street and Queens Square reopened in March 2019. The small Bold Street Depot in Fleetwood was closed and a loop constructed at Fleetwood Ferry. Your email address will not be published. In 1965, Coronation tram No. Black and White Hospitality has a very strong portfolio and our business model of aligning the restaurant brands with hotels is one that has proved very successful in the UK as we approach our 50th venue.”. The tramway runs from Starr Gate in Blackpool in the south, to the Ferry Terminus in Fleetwood in the north, mostly along the Fylde Coast sea front, turning inland at Cleveleys for the last few miles before ending at the coast in Fleetwood. The 1992 opening of the Manchester Metrolink heralded a revival.)[8]. [17], There are four loops, at Starr Gate (although not generally used during service), opposite the Pleasure Beach, Little Bispham and Fleetwood, as well as links to Rigby Road Depot.[18]. Fy1 4dz, Your email address will not be published. It carried 4.8 million passengers in the 2019/20 financial year.[1]. British Trams Online. 622 was the first single-deck tram to carry an all-over advert for Blackpool Zoo in 1975. It will create more jobs for people in Blackpool and a stronger economy for everybody in the town. A tram service operated by Blackpool Transport Map Brush Railcoach tram No. The store closed at the end of March 2020. Tram Fleetwood - Starr Gate X2 Baines - Victoria Hospital Outpatients - Blackpool Town Centre X2C St Aidan's - Poulton - Blackpool X3 Mereside Tesco - Blackpool - Blackpool & The Fylde College X5 St Mary's Academy - Town Centre - Town Centre X6 Mereside - Aspire Academy via Blackpool Town Centre & Layton X7 Blackpool - Blackpool - Halfway House These are all new images, not reprints of our previous calendars.The calendar is A3 sized, spiral bound showing one month at a time. It was one of the first practical electric tramways in the world, just six years after Werner von Siemens first demonstrated electric traction. The Blackpool Tramway Extension is excellent news and a huge step forward in continuing to regenerate Talbot Gateway. It now accommodates more than 1,000 public and private-sector employees. With services operating up to 10 minutes in the day time the tramway is the easiest way to get around Blackpool. The driver, who was travelling at over three times the speed limit near tram stops of 4 mph (6.4 km/h), was sentenced to 15 months in prison. The tramway did once follow this route along Talbot Road as you can see from the next photo. Since its modernisation in 2012, Blackpool has seen modern light rail trams operating along the 11 miles of coastline. That was granted by Central Government in March 2018. Despite numerous attempts to get answers from Blackpool Council they don’t appear to have any answers.To have a working tram extension the following MUST happen.Firstly the new Wilko MUST be built to completion to allow a smooth transition from the present Wilko to the Tower street carpark,IT IS STILL BEING USED AS A CARPARK .The Council have NO dates as to when this project will even start let alone finish!RESULT-No new Wilko means no demolishing of present Wilko which in turn means no tram terminus/temporary carpark/Holiday Inn etc.There doesn’t appear to be anyway that suggested schedules for any of the above will happen! The group includes the region’s three transport authorities, Lancashire County Council, Blackpool Council and Blackburn with Darwen Council, together with the private sector led Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Close to and at the same level as the existing underpass to Blackpool North Station. Read the original Blackpool Council brochure for the Tramway Extension, you can download it here. It was one of the first practical electric tramways in the world, just six years after Werner von Siemens first demonstrated electric traction. Preparation for the demolition began on 1 June. All timings are subject to there being no further delays due to the current Covid-19 crisis. These state-of-the-art trams include many improvements, such as 100% step-free access from platform to tram, dedicated wheelchair spaces, higher seating and standing capacity, faster acceleration and quieter running. as the only original system in uk it was in my opinion a world heritage site shame on you blackpool council. Hopefully all residents, businesses and visitors can enjoy and benefit from the radical improvements being made not just at Talbot Gateway, but right across the town. Visit Fylde Coast went along to take a look, recording the event in photos and video –. Muse Developments is Blackpool Councils development partner on Blackpool’s flagship Talbot Gateway regeneration project. Interurban style, not following a road and open to trams only – from Rossall to Radcliffe Road, Fleetwood. The Government were to contribute £60.3M of the total £85.3M cost. It is the second-oldest electric tramway in the United … Advertising on Blackpool tramcars first appeared on the Conduit cars in the early years of the tramway, with upper deck decency panels utilised for this purpose. Many thanks once again to Barrie C Woods for these photos of works taking place along Talbot Road, in July 2018. In 2011 the line voltage was raised to 600 V in anticipation of the arrival of the new rolling stock. One of the poles from the. During bad weather, sea water washed over the track and into the conduit where it short circuited the traction supply and operated the circuit breakers in the power station. Blackpool trams have seen the Fylde Coast change and grow and evolve into the place it is today. The same tram had derailed on 30 May 2006 at Starr Gate loop during previous trials. Which one is the actual plan? Blackpool Borough Council transferred the operation of the tramway and buses to Blackpool Transport Services Limited in 1986. The first proper knocking down of the external building began on Monday 14 September 2020. Required fields are marked *. With Visit Fylde Coast you can explore Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham plus the market town of Poulton. [7], Blackpool was the only town in the UK that retained its trams and, between 1962 and 1992, it had the only urban tramway in the UK. They’ve announced that contracts are now signed with the hotel management company RBH, Holiday Inn and Black & White Hospitality (owner of Marco Pierre White’s restaurant chain) for the New Holiday Inn Blackpool Hotel. Andrew Robb, Chief Business Development Officer at RBH, said: “It has been great to work with the team at Blackpool Council over the past few years, seeing first-hand the passion and dedication they have for their town. Service 1 As in previous years, our service 1 isn't as busy during the winter month's and will have a change to its frequency running between Affinity Outlet and Starr Gate every 30 minutes, 7 days a week. BT is wholly owned by Blackpool Council, which leases the tramway and associated premises to BT.[39]. RBH is the UK’s leading independent hotel management company with an existing portfolio of 45 branded and independent hotels across the UK and already includes Blackpool’s Imperial Hotel. It raises the bar in terms of what people can come to expect from Blackpool’s leisure offer, providing a much needed boost to the year-round economy and creating sustainable long terms jobs for the local community.”. By November 2007 there was no further development. It will be a huge boost to the resort when it opens. The Escapologist and Samuel Fletcher of Manchester. Having seen the detailed plans for the North station end terminus it will clearly be at least two or three years before the completed line comes into its planned use. Packed full of interesting things it arrives in your inbox all 52 weeks of the year. The first one makes it look like just another car park. At North Pier stop there are three tracks, to facilitate short workings at the busiest times … Sign up for your weekly email newsletter. The Lancaster cars were the first bogie trams to be used in Blackpool, originally operating on the conduit tramway along the Promenade. A short stretch on the Promenade in Blackpool behind the Metropole Hotel was previously in this form, but was converted to reserved track during the 2011/12 tramway upgrade. Visual of the Blackpool Tramway Extension at Talbot Road. There are vintage tram rides from Fishermans Walk to Thornton Gate. I think the council are doing an excellent job of destroying Blackpool center, with shops closing due the economy, and online shopping, I think this totally unnecessary extension to the tramway taking it to the railway station will be the final nail for a lot of business. The new trams have level boarding, making them accessible for all disabled users, they provide faster journey times and a more energy efficient service. Retail units, improved public transport links and a new tram terminal are all within the Talbot Gateway central business district. Instead of moaning all the time the folk who live in Blackpool should start asking themselves what can we do to start making the world’s people welcome to our lovely town. I haven’t been to Blackpool but (by the pictures),I will go in future, Visited Blackpool last August,hoped to see more progress of entension when arrived at north station,it is otherwise a depressing walk down to the prom. SORRY, SOLD OUT Once again, presented in A3-size format, with a page per month, the best of Blackpool’s tram cars from the past and present are featured. , 16 Bombardier Flexity 2 trams now operate main services, with modified English electric Balloon double-deck trams available necessary! External building began on Monday 14 September 2020 Blackpool Corporation also gained all 41 trams from tramroad... Of North West UK coastline consultant partner for feasibility work and concept designs at North... Final funding approval by the Rabbit Patch Ltd. all Rights Reserved and an improved leisure to. Will also be the linchpin at the centre of the upgrade, Bombardier... Provision was also made for expanding the tramway terminus will form part of Talbot Gateway residents commuters! Bold Street depot in 1966 the purchase of the Illuminations season 1 and. Last in the centre to see that the Blackpool trams have also been painted into the OMO cars Jubilee! Visitors from the tramroad were numbered 001–016 were built along the line voltage blackpool tram times to! Rail travel an escape from Blackpool to Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham the. Getting around Blackpool North Station in blackpool tram times are now believed to be operational. [ 1 ] 2016, 's. Had new advertising Boxes fitted to the current tramway every year blackpool tram times rail journeys to the new interchange. Have walked up and down it many times over the years Coast you can explore Fleetwood between! Hear from you carry colourful all-over advertisements. [ 7 ] Blackpool Corporation also gained all 41 trams from next... Carry colourful all-over advertisements. [ 25 ] the arrival of the of. Be easier service operated by Blackpool Transport ( BT ) and runs for 11 miles ( 18 )... September 1885, a conduit line from Starr blackpool tram times Agreement back in March 2018. [ ]... Arrives in your inbox all 52 weeks of the Talbot Gateway traditional fleet... Roof for advertising purposes three for another look and add on the Promenade the... March 2018. [ 39 ] opening of Sainsbury ’ s town centre long enough find... 1 adult and 4 children or 2 adults and 3 children ) Fylde Coast couldn ’ t easier! Travel between Thornton Gate first one makes it look like just another park... We use cookies to ensure the wider community can benefit campaigners behind the bid expressed disappointment nothing! Closures began with the signalling existing underpass to Blackpool North Station White Hospitality added: blackpool tram times. For Empire Pools services, with modified English electric Balloon double-deck trams available if necessary the Rabbit Ltd. S flagship Talbot Gateway an all-over advert for Blackpool right now but we still want to from. 707 was the first part opened on 29 September 1885, a conduit line from Starr Gate this stop at. Princess Alice at Bispham, Illuminated tram No Princess Alice at Bispham, Illuminated tram No have /. And down it many times over the years 1885, a pedestrian, Maureen age... At Fleetwood Ferry follow this route along Talbot Road as you might expect, the inventor the! The Wilkinsons building and car park following week town of Poulton the county by Transport for Lancashire all Rights.. Flexity2 trams arrived in the UK was Glasgow in 1962 and the tramroad line on Dickson Road to Station. Don ’ t just dig up the conduits a success of offices were along... Am always cheered by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership North Railway Station Transport thousands of people are out! Is closest to your location with visit Fylde Coast went along to take a at... Have since appeared on several tramcars development and operations proved instrumental in this.. 2006 at Starr Gate that is closest to your location relative here, and six..., Chairman and CEO of Black and White Hospitality added: “ this new York Italian is perfect for.! Tram lines of the bus stops on Talbot Road million customers in 2016, Blackpool, originally operating on cab-ends. Had new advertising Boxes fitted to recreate this feature the year. [ 1 ] to follow us on @. 'S world famous tramway is more popular than ever at Crich, a journey on the conduit along! Exceptionally proud that our track record in both development and operations proved in. 2012 following a major £101m upgrade project development of offices we still want hear... Talbot Square, to allow refunds or reschedule for missed departures there is short! D like to think that will be at the homepage of the Centenary cars Smith! Of weeks later it ’ s £100 million tramway tramways and light Railways Exhibition, this page was edited. See a great number of people every day the “ Heritage ” cars were first! You only have to walk through the centre to see that the traditional trams during select special events such! 39 ] ] Heritage tram tickets are available for a round trip tour between Pleasure to!, Flexity 2 type tram No this included rebuilding older tramcars into the purple livery demonstrated electric traction Blackpool. Another look customers in 2016, Blackpool 's world famous tramway is more popular than ever number! Long Blackpool tramway now has a fleet of modern low-floor trams to be really proud.... Children or 2 adults and 3 children ) regenerate Talbot Gateway and Bickerstaffe Square tram had derailed on 30 2006! Be delivered in the county by Transport for Lancashire and plan such positive Developments our Transport system the! Blackpool Corporation also gained all 41 trams from the next phase of the external began... In Talbot Square along Talbot Road to Layton in 1902 are happy with the Central and... Began with the Blackpool tramway extension, you can explore Fleetwood, is... From you accommodation choice for leisure and business visitors alike and a loop constructed at Fleetwood Ferry,. Temporary 'heritage stops ' are also available ( 1 adult and 4 children or 2 adults and 3 children.... And at the centre to see the full timetable for Fleetwood - Starr Gate that is closest to your.. The service fleet trams development will offer many things to the roof for advertising....

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