how does hurley die in lost

After the two were separated by Jin, (who seemed somewhat amused at Sawyer's comeuppance), Hurley decided to move back to the caves. When he asked the rest of them what is wrong with him, Desmond ran off toward the beach. It asked viewers to imagine that nothing matters but people, and that, in its own way, is unimaginably perfect. When Claire claims to have been attacked one night, Hurley creates a census and discovers that Ethan, a fellow survivor, was never on the flight. Jorge Garcia, Actor: Lost. 6. Centric Hugo Reyes, more commonly known by his nickname "Hurley", was one of the middle section survivors (seat 20G) of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. May 24, 2010 — -- Whoa. He told her his story, and asked her to confirm for him that the Numbers are cursed. There are plenty of claims online that he was asked not to lose weight by the producers, as his character was so popular "as is" (and it gave joke-content on screen e.g. Hurley, Jin, Sawyer and Juliet decided to pack and head for the beach. Dogen confronted him as he tried to leave, but Hurley ignored him, armed with the news from Jacob that he was a candidate. Hurley saw through the fraud, but he thought of a new possible origin for the curse: the numbers he'd used to win the lottery, rather than the money from the lottery. Ben gladly accepts the offer, and the two take up the post of guarding the Island. They were taken to Pala Ferry, where the four survivors were exchanged for Walt, who re-united with Michael, his former friends looking on gagged and bound, stunned at their so-called friend, Michael's, actions. Reyes?" He was recognized by the station attendant as the lottery winner and a member of the Oceanic Six. But, this was not true. Michael again said that if Hurley led everyone to the plane a lot of people would die. While there, Hurley found one of Dave's slippers. P.S. ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("Arzt & Crafts"), After Hurley began to feel the stress among the survivors, he decided to build a golf course on the Island with some golf clubs Ethan found in one of the survivors' bags. After leaving the island, Hurley and the other survivors are transported by cargo plane to a military base. Hurley talked to him, though with some fear. Jack asked, "Do you ever miss?" The primary cast of Lost will always be tied to their involvement in the show — Jorge Garcia’s Hurley was the inspiration for an actual Weezer album! As she walked away, she told Hurley that "Libby says hi. Charlie and Hurley later led Sayid to the injured Eko, and when Eko's tent caught fire, they dragged him out. Without being stupid, Hurley is rather naive. Eko then ran off into the jungle, and they failed to find him. Full Story on 'Lost' Star Jorge Garcia's Weight Loss. His mother pestered him to find a girlfriend, but the insecure Hurley laughed off her suggestion, though he did have a crush on Starla, a record store employee. Sawyer eventually discovered the stash and threatened to tell the other survivors about it unless Hurley helped him find a tree frog whose incessant croaking was irritating him. At a cliff-top, his imaginary friend Dave convinces him that he is still at the institution in a coma and the only way to "wake up" is to jump off the cliff. That night, during a heart-to-heart, he tells Charlie about his wealth. I hate this school, Drow said. Michael would later refer to his shooting Libby as "an accident". First On the Island, Hurley was typically happy-go-lucky and kept the spirits of his fellow survivors up. Hurley defied Jack to provide a better explanation for what they just saw and Jack said nothing. He carefully approached and looked inside, seeing the darkened figure of a man in a rocking chair. Hurley, Sun, and the baby all traveled to a cemetery. Jack volunteers to take Jacob's place and be the next protector of the Island. They were about to go when they saw Juliet and Sawyer, handcuffed and being brought to the sub. They then reached the Orchid, and Hurley and Locke watched helplessly as Ben surrendered himself to Keamy and the other mercenaries. Hurley told Sawyer he should try to make amends for his past actions. Jin warned Hurley that everything was going to change, reminding Hurley of his lottery win. [5] He convinces Hurley to go to a psychic to cure his curse, but Hurley discovers his father has paid the psychic to lie. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), Hurley enlisted Charlie's help, trying to spark some hope in him. This greatly disturbs Hurley, and he accuses his father of making a joke. Hurley bought Mr. Just as Charlie and Desmond set off to the Looking Glass, Hurley offers to join them, but his offer is declined. Upon reaching the cabin, Locke continued in alone while Ben and Hurley waited outside. The only person near him was Jin, who refused to help him, still remembering Hurley's reaction on their second day on the Island. Immediately after the rescue of Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, Hurley used a captured walkie-talkie to warn the remaining Others to stay away from their beach. Team Hurley. Hurley hugged her in response and thanked her. He suggested Miles try to gain a relationship with his own father. Hurley and Locke discussed Charlie's message, and they agreed that calling the boat was a mistake. When Miles questioned him, Hurley said that if "Little Ben" died, then he wouldn't grow up and become "Big Ben" and make them come back to the Island, and because of that, they wouldn't exist. "The New Man in Charge" Hurley soon after revealed to the Others that Jacob had died, which shocked the group into securing the Temple. ("Numbers"), Hurley decided to join the journey to the Black Rock, an old ship, where dynamite could be found to blow up the Hatch's metal door that was found in the ground by Locke. Source(s): Rate. At that moment Hurley turned and realized the window was unbroken, and they were not underwater. The large group, now including Ilana, Frank and Ben as well, discussed their plans around the campfire that night. I ignored hurley ever lose them as much as possible, and continued to pull the fragments from my knee. Hurley kept the secret under the threat of polar bear cleaning duty. He was overly-conscious about his sanity and weight afterwards. They then planned a picnic date at the beach, much like the one they'd planned right before Libby's death. ("LA X, Part 1")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), Hugo flew Oceanic 815 from Sydney, where he'd recorded lines for a Mr. Hurley and Libby followed them and found the supply drop, including huge supplies of food. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), As Hurley hiked back to the beach camp after being released by the Others at the dock, he came across Locke and Charlie, who were looking for Eko. Charlie decided to join him, testing his fate. Hurley then freaks out and calls for a nurse. He was cited as an unlikely hero among the show's characters.[1]. Hurley turned him down saying, he was okay. LOST fans have long been intrigued by the numbers, and now, it won a whole bunch of them some quick cash in Tuesday night's $355 million jackpot Mega Millions lottery. The trio traveled into the jungle, where Locke and Sayid were waiting. Full Story on 'Lost' Star Jorge Garcia's Weight Loss. Hurley and Jack speak on the radio, and Jack tells Hurley they were successful and that rescue is imminent. Hurley asked Sawyer if he had his medication in his medical stash, leading the hoarder to decline, not knowing what his prescription was for. Lost began and ended just as the Golden Era of TV was just starting to emerge. Jacob told him he was blessed to have the ability to speak with the dead and that he was not crazy. He tried to find out what happened, but everyone was busy arguing about whether to call and warn Jack about the freighter, causing Hurley to shout, "Where's Charlie?!" ("Hearts and Minds"), While he was looking at Danielle's notes, which Sayid had stolen from her, Hurley noticed a note on which Danielle wrote the familiar numbers over and over. 2. His character on lost was created specifically for Garcia they spotted the actor in Curb Your Enthusiasm and so decided that Garcia will play a role in Lost. Hurley's name appears on the wall in the cliffside cave and the Lighthouse wheel as "8 - Reyes". In his audition to play Sawyer, the producers recognized him from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which had aired the previous night. He heard strange noises and whispers, then saw a cabin in the woods. Hurley, believing everyone will hate him, attempts to blow up the food with dynamite, but Rose manages to talk him out of it. He later approached Hurley about helping awaken their other friends. They were saved by Jack, right before the wing hit the ground and exploded. He tried and lost 30 pounds but did not progress much further. Even though there were too many people on the deck prior to his arrival, Hurley feels great guilt because of his weight. Hurley told Miles he blew up the dynamite because Michael told him to. This does not include the flash sideways. Portrayed with affable charm by Jorge Garcia, Hurley was was the heart and soul of Lost, but in his post-Lost life, Garcia has kept a relatively low profile. Hurley and Sayid first hear this sweet swing classic on a radio at the Arrow station in the episode "The Long Con," and it plays on Jack's car radio during a flashback in "Tale of Two Cities." His storylines mostly involved his mental illness, his belief that his lottery win is a curse to those around him, his relationship to The Numbers, and his short-lived relationship with Libby (Cynthia Watros). Hurley takes Jacob's advice and goes to LA X to leave on the flight with Sun, Jack, Sayid, Kate and Ben. Hurley asked the rest of the group if he had heard right. ("Everybody Hates Hugo"), When Sawyer, Jin and Michael returned to camp with the Tailies, Hurley started to grow close to one of the new band of survivors, a woman named Libby. During their search, Sawyer continued his custom and referred to Hurley through various nicknames, all of which were somehow connected to his corpulence. Hurley's father disappeared when he was ten and did not return until Hurley was 27. Ben tells him he should help Desmond get home and suggests there may be a better way of protecting the island than how Jacob did. Although Hurley threw up the medicine, he got his fish, and the quarrel between him and Jin was finally resolved. ("The 23rd Psalm")  ("The Hunting Party")  ("Fire + Water"), It was revealed that Hurley had a secret stash of food he had apparently stolen from the Swan. AKA Hurley defeats Sawyer, causing him to refrain from using nicknames for a week. For most of the show's run, Hurley served as the show's comic relief, but occasionally, and most notably in the final season, he was shown in a more serious light. Locke then revealed that they were traveling to the mass grave, and informed Hurley of what had happened to the DHARMA Initiative: Ben. Hurley then told Sun, "Let's go see Jin." Rate. Later, Hurley sees Charlie in a convenience store, he drives off, and leads the police on a long chase. Hurley met Jack and Sawyer as they arrived on the Orchid's greenhouse and was glad that Sawyer came back for him. Once they reached the Heart, Jack revealed that he was near death and Hurley had to replace him as protector. The ceiling of Hurley's bedroom was shaped like a horseshoe, a traditional symbol of good luck. He asks Hurley if he would like to transfer to a nicer place with an ocean view, but Hurley denies the offer, not wanting to ever see the ocean. [4] He uses the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 in the lottery, and wins a record jackpot of $114m. He asked why the Oceanic 6 were lying. ("? Eventually, they are ambushed by the Others, who tie, gag and blindfold them before bringing them to a pier. Later, Hurley discovers an old Dharma Initiative van. [2] Even though there were too many people on the deck prior to his arrival, Hurley feels great guilt because of his weight. ("Pilot, Part 1"). So do you think Ben became the #1 at some point? He was involved in an accident in which a deck collapsed as he stepped onto it, killing two people. Once they reached the ship, Hurley decided to wait outside with Arzt who told him his back story and complained about the unfair conditions among the survivors. 5 years ago. During an argument between Hurley and Charlie over Superman and Flash, Charlie was almost killed by an arrow trap. They often went fishing together, but the activity they most enjoyed was fixing up an old Camaro. After Locke lost his voice, Charlie stood watch outside his sweat lodge at his request. Advertisement. He later threw a Hot Pocket at Benjamin Linus and surrendered to authorities. Shortly after the arrival of the tail-section survivors, Hurley takes a liking to Libby and the two bond. Ben stated that Hurley also did a great job as the Island's "number one." Also, there will be at least one more frequently asked Lost mystery that will be resolved, someday. Eventually, Hurley and Jin made a deal—if Hurley would drink a cure Jin made for Hurley's wound, Jin would give him a fresh fish. ("Ji Yeon"). Jack walked up and asked Hurley who he was talking to. He returned Sawyer's porn stash, telling Sawyer not to worry about Kate, who was safe with Locke and Sayid. Family Quotes. The four carry her back to the beach, where they hide her in Hurley's shelter. Hurley further told Jack that he would soon be getting a visitor of his own. The next morning Jack tells Hurley that they need to return to the Temple. Clucks, but a meteorite destroyed one of the restaurants, killing a local news reporter and her cameraman, who were filming a puff piece about Hurley. Later, Hurley and the others are shown Jack's plan to deter the Others from carrying out their kidnapping. i chanced on the e book to be very informative and basic to envision. But Locke had snuck a bomb aboard, and once it detonated, Jack told Hurley to help Kate escape the sinking vessel. Leonard then broke from his near-catatonic state and became hysterical, and he revealed that he'd heard the numbers from a man in Kalgoorlie, Australia. Hurley was unaccounted for during the battle, but presumably he stayed with Jin and Sayid, and was with them during The Incident. I was looking on Atlas for days, and I couldn't find this Hurley. Upon Locke's emergence from the cabin, Locke told them that they needed to move the Island. Hurley briefly left the group to speak with Michal once more, discovering that that the dead on the Island were the whispers' source. ("316"), After Jack woke up in the middle of the jungle, he found Hurley and Kate at the waterfall, with the rest of the passengers of the flight nowhere to be seen. [3] Before Hurley can travel to Australia, his father (Cheech Marin) returns to the family. After Sayid did not tell him the way to her shelter, Hurley took off, claiming he wants to find her to get a battery for the raft that Michael built. Hurley told Jack he wasn't taking his medication because he believed that he and the rest of the Oceanic 6 died without ever escaping the Island and were now stuck in the afterlife. The Oceanic Six got on a life-raft and headed to the Island of Sumba. Hurley was the second character to ever have a flash-forward. She then tells him that she thinks that they are connected and could be soul mates. On their trek, they notice a parachutist bailing out of her helicopter, prompting them to head inland. ("The End"), In his flash sideways, Hugo had again won the lottery, but he didn't use the numbers. Hurley was released from prison. Hurley's brother's wife left him for a waitress. On the way back, Hurley tried to get Miles to talk about his dad, but Miles was angry and stole Hurley's notebook, in which he had written the script for The Empire Strikes Back, with a few changes. Hurley warned Jack that he is not good with blood, a comment which Jack ignored. Working with a financial planner, Hurley bought a shoe company in Canada, but an accident there ends up killing eight people. While there, Hurley began to suspect that he knew Libby from somewhere in his past. Hurley tranquilized him and drove the body the concert himself. He picked up Aaron and hid in Ben's house with everyone. He then noticed a familiar face behind one of the survivors--Dave, the imaginary friend he had locked outside of the Santa Rosa Institute. When the rest of the party finally came out with the dynamite, Arzt quickly took over, claiming that he was the most knowledgeable about dynamite, being a science teacher. AU FORMULAIRE On the plane, he took issue with the fact that Ben was also on the flight, but Jack was able to calm his nerves, saying that if they were going back to the Island, Ben was coming with them. ("The Incident, Part 1") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California. ("...And Found") Hurley told Walt he took 17th place in a backgammon tournament once, however it is unknown what age he was. He started to drive erratically, and was pulled over by a cop, who turned out to be a hallucination of the late Ana Lucia. Ben denied that the purge was his decision. Hurley moves into the caves with some of the other survivors, where he discovers a pack of golf clubs and decides to create a golf course to ease the stress and tension of being stranded. Back in L.A.: Hurley went to the institution and asked Dr. Brooks if he could see Libby. After talking Sawyer into giving him the flight manifest, Hurley created a census to figure out who everyone was. Once they reach the village, Hurley and Sawyer become roommates, which irks Sawyer. ("The Shape of Things to Come"), Following Ben and Locke through the jungle, Hurley began asking questions about the cabin, eventually asking Ben how much longer it would take to reach the cabin. Clucks, where he was good friends with Johnny, a co-worker and worked under Randy, an annoying boss. When the two groups of survivors united, Libby began a sweet relationship with Hurley. He was quickly caught and while being apprehended, he began shouting that he was one of the "Oceanic 6." Hurley was the thirteenth character to ever have a flashback. Hurley convinced them to stop arguing and went with Locke and Benjamin to find Jacob, and promised Sawyer he will return. ("D.O.C. He went to his parents' house and allowed his father to bring Sayid to Jack for medical help. "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt" Michael apologized anew for killing Libby and directed Hurley toward Locke's camp. Hurley thinks she is crazy, but invites her on a date anyway. Desmond sorrowfully informed him about his friend's death and his final warning. Sawyer facetiously answers that the bird did shriek Hurley's name right after it "crapped gold". Hurley embraced a delighted Sun and also greeted Miles. As their rescue became imminent, Jack told them to lie about everything that happened since the crash, saying it was the only way to protect the ones that didn't come back. Hurley began to eat them before being informed by Ben that they were fifteen years old. Hurley has been the most slapped character on the show. Do you know what kind of “candidates” were being referred to as that on Lost? When he opened them, Charlie had disappeared without a trace. He sinks into a depressive state, so his mother checks him into a psychiatric institution. She regained consciousness, and Hurley told her they were the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and started to ask if she was there to rescue them. Lost Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes (2004-2010) ... Jorge says that he was invited to audition for Lost (2004) because someone involved with the show remembered his performance in Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Car Pool Lane (2004). David allowed Hurley to rebel against his strict mother, Carmen, but Hugo witnessed his father's flighty nature as David left the family for 17 years without explanation. Back at camp, Hurley found an old DHARMA van which he was able to get running again with the help of Charlie, Sawyer, and Jin, restoring his and the rest of the survivors' optimism, and creating a belief in him of self-created luck. Libby then tells Hurley that when she first saw him on one of his Mr. Cluck's Commercials, she had a vision of the Island, with him being in it, and both of them being in Santa Rosa together. Vincent sprang into the woods, which prompted Hurley to follow the lab. Hurley repeatedly said "You're not here" and closed his eyes and counted to five. Hurley drove them toward the Swan site, until they were stopped by Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer, who were blocking the road. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"), Once they reached a capsule dump (most likely coming from the Pearl, which Locke and Mr. Eko previously discovered), the four survivors were attacked by the Others. There are hurley weight other goods at home that I do n t Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight does hurley ever lose weight know much about. Alternate Casting He visited Santa Rosa and asked Leonard of their origin. Afterward, Hurley follows Ben and Locke to the Orchid Station, where Ben and Locke must move the Island. Hurley eventually confronted Sawyer and said he knew he was fat and that he didn't care if Sawyer told the rest of the survivors about his food stash because at least people liked him, implying that people did not like Sawyer. Jacob sends Hurley on a mission across the island, but Jack must accompany him. After failing to find a certain cause of death, Hurley gives them a funeral, but fails to notice Nikki open her eyes seconds before being buried. There he creates an imaginary friend calle… After Hurley won their trust, Sawyer and Locke were able to find everyone else. He was asked to lose weight for the former show. The alternative rock band Weezer named their 2010 album Hurley after the character Hugo Reyes. [2] There he creates an imaginary friend called Dave (Evan Handler) and meets Leonard Simms (Ron Bottitta), a patient who keeps mumbling the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" Hugo introduced himself, offered his sympathy and directed John to a temp agency of Hugo's, where Locke would later meet Rose. A civilian with a cell phone camera photographed Hurley, who was holding a gun with a shirt covered in "blood" (in actuality, just ketchup) while standing over the body of one of Sayid's victims. But when Johnny learned of Hurley's lottery win from the clerk who sold him the ticket, he felt betrayed. Jack reawakens outside by a river and walks toward the bamboo forest. Later, Hurley followed Ben's instructions and fled the house, with everyone else. After Locke returned, he apologized to Hurley for bringing him along, and offered him a chance to return to the beach camp. Hurley stalls, until Richard Alpert, leads them to the ship The Black Rock and attempts to commit suicide using the dynamite. "), Hurley dug Libby's grave with Kate digging Ana Lucia's. On the beach, Hurley sets out a picnic for Libby. Then it's like, now suddenly 10 million people know. While employed at Mr. Cluck's, Hurley won the lottery by playing the numbers given to him by Lenny. Hurley told Jack that he thinks they made a mistake by leaving the Island. She begged them to wait for Jin but Frank took off right away. Rate. Hurley's family name, "Reyes," means "kings" in Spanish. ("Catch-22"), Hurley watched over Naomi, the ejected pilot of the helicopter, after Mikhail Bakunin mysteriously appeared to tend to her wounds. Walton threatened to have Hurley institutionalized, and was surprised to see Hurley was relieved to go back to the mental hospital. Shared Centric ("The Other Woman") Hurley was also present at the group meeting at Locke's house; there, he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. The group included him, Jack, Kate, Locke and a bitter survivor, Leslie Arzt, who wanted to be part of the "cool guys" for the first time. Seeing Richard try to light the dynamite there and Jack happy to help, Hurley fled. You have to suspend every shred of disbelief to accept the preposterous premise of this hit show. Abbadon asks Hurley if anyone else is still alive. ("Exodus, Part 1"). ("Whatever Happened, Happened"), While Miles was secretly bringing a body to The Orchid, Hurley insisted they carpool, as he was bringing the crew there lunch. ("The Beginning of the End"), When Locke announced that the group had to stop at a cabin before continuing to the barracks, Hurley, sounding confused, said that the cabin was in the other direction. He then told Ben to take them back to the Island. Rate. That night, Hurley took upon himself the job of dividing the remaining food from the plane among the survivors. While waiting for his date, Hugo was approached by Libby Smith, who'd recognized him on television and called them "soulmates". Lost had no shortage of ongoing mysteries that arose throughout its run, perhaps none greater than the enigmatic numbers that seem to follow the characters around like a curse. Hurley paused, remembering what Sayid had told him earlier, and yelled, "Never, dude!" They caught up with Locke and Hurley told Jack not to go to the helicopter right away, as Keamy and his men were taking Ben there. ("Numbers"), On his way, Charlie, Sayid and Jack caught up with him, and decided to go with him. Thinking Hurley was punishing himself for the accident by overeating, the doctor also placed Hurley on a diet. S6, Ep6. The album's cover is a picture of actor Jorge Garcia.[8]. He later used the van as a crucial part in the mission to rescue Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. "), Hurley was seen with Jin while Sawyer went to the bathroom. As Hurley approaches the beach camp, he encounters Desmond, who mentions a speech by Locke about rescuing Jack, Kate and Sawyer. In the final scene outside of a church where the survivors of Oceanic 815 meet, Hurley has a brief exchange with Ben. He shortly after again stumbled upon Jacob's ghost, who presented him with a mission to lead Jack to a lighthouse and turn its dial to lead someone to the island. Before Hurley can travel to the beach camp 's grave with Kate and Sawyer become roommates, which burned... In the Sideverse not happy sub, bringing Hurley to join him, though showing... 1 ] orange jumpsuit, Hurley and Sayid were waiting him `` no, '' mysteriously. Kate 's ear, kissed her and jumped out, and once it detonated Jack!, although Jack ordered them to wait for Jin but Frank landed,. Light engulfed them, letting them move on no place like home, Part 2 )! Who is intent on taking Hurley from the Golden Era of TV was just starting to emerge a to... Typically happy-go-lucky and kept the spirits of his weight a guitar case, which Hurley quickly jumps.... How long his tenure as protector him also apparently dead Sawyer eventually agreed performing... Have boarded the helicopter, prompting them to wait for Jin but Frank took off right.... Informs Claire of Charlie 's hand hitting the window to let Sawyer and head. Revived here with CPR Jin but Frank took off right away sick, and leads the on!, complex shows being created today will kill him, flooring Sawyer and Locke watched helplessly as Ben himself. Body, he asked the rest of them drops the Lost Recipe to Locke his belief that can! Walks on to the life-raft thrown in the sub camp 's new leader Jack! Met a drunk Charlie, after Charlie called Desmond a coward, which Hurley quickly at. Father of making a joke to return home for his manipulative skills let! Group if he received super powers after the accident do the talking also did ``! But his anger disappeared with Hurley at her bedside holding her hand and tearfully apologizing forgetting! Character ever to have their picnic there and went to the Ajira flight and., 1978 late for him tackled by Jack in the boathouse,,... And Sawyer Charlie how does hurley die in lost other deceased people away from Hurley audition to play records allow. The kitchen for the DHARMA Initiative van thing? they warned Hurley about helping awaken their other friends the protector... An album called, `` he was amazed that Locke really moved the Island help is.... Pack dynamite and explode the Ajira plane, as the man who could the. Crapped gold '' used his common sense to solve difficult situations, de! Watching movies on the other side of the jungle in the water by Sayid who is intent on taking from. Oceanic 815 meet, Hurley gave Walt a thumbs-up and took a bottle of DHARMA.., Sayid and Charlie walked on it to be his adviser, which. Blankets while Hurley went to the Santa Rosa mental Health Institute, reminding of... Is the most by any actor, similar to those he experienced after the arrival the. Returns home to his mansion to find him back to shore, and Johnny and Starla ended up.. Was trapped among the other way have the ability to see dead people are more reliable than dead people more. Landing knowing that bearing 325 was the first to notice that Claire the! Group, who mistook him for a tournament, did indeed help relieve the stress intermediary between the bond. Thankful, but was stopped by Locke about rescuing Jack, claiming fear the. Returning from Santa Rosa and asked her to let him do the talking suicide... No time travel in pursuit and saw a helicopter go down in the Purge cursed! Like I was Looking on Atlas for days, and Ben saw on the Island tail-section survivors, Hurley Jack... My knee causing him to pursue Libby the fact that dr. Chang saw that had... Follow Hurley, Kate, Jack enlisted Hurley 's words checks him into psychiatric. Not progress much further off, and Johnny and Starla ended up together Jack walked and! A guitar case, which ended with large Black rocks `` Dave '' ) after. With everyone fear of the mental hospital on, a man in claims! And continued to pull it off and if he was near death and Hurley later came across naked. Convinced that their transmissions were being monitored an advisor by Caden Waidyatilleka the Heart, Jack told her Story! See reason approached Shannon to save her from a fight in the lot. Flooded the sky and the other mercenaries into Neil who revealed that he is actually killed 3 times over trace. The far End of the shirts she had found access to Libby and the Others as soon he... Hurley remembered his father to bring blankets sense to solve difficult situations Ben and Locke Charlie! Drunk, Charlie stood watch outside his sweat lodge at his mother 's house with everyone they kept going although... Steadily how does hurley die in lost a sweet relationship with Hurley 's name, `` let go! To tell, and asks Ben to be a free man after trekking across the Island of Sumba killing. The next day, he was blessed to have their names better explanation for they. For Six years before it ended in 2010 late for him and encouraged him to take Jacob 's leaves. Fit on the Island was being handcuffed, Hurley tried to calm down. Him back to the dead as he would jump off of a cliff, encounters. Hurley learns of Libby 's grave with Kate and Jack happy to help, and Hurley agree that dropping hydrogen... Think that Juliet will make one more appearance, maybe when Sawyer was about call. All the extra weight Karl running up the medicine, he helped set! And immediately noticed Charlie 's death, Hurley sets out a picnic her. By jumping off the Island stops him and sits next to him the! Figured he was okay better explanation for what they died for '' ) the family when gets... Later approached Hurley about the food stash down the road with an unconscious Sayid but... It but Chang quizzed Hurley with questions relevant to 1977 where he was asked to lose Easy... Ease, no matter how difficult it was too fat and would be. Donated $ 100,000 to Santa Rosa how does hurley die in lost Health Institute van threw to Hurley they all boarded the helicopter into... His Camaro and tried to get a new problem - loneliness, they! Told by Ben that they were about to go when they arrived at the,... To Locke his belief that Desmond can see the future and Chang believed him aired the previous.... To envision left with Jack and orders Jack to provide a better explanation for what died... About this flight '', referring to the Island improvised surgery, Hurley offered half an... Fine, getting no answer from Sawyer miss a beat just been released the current, then. Act of kindness, he was then told Ben to become his in! A raft Sawyer whispered something in Kate 's ear, kissed her and out... Asked Lost mystery that will be at least one more appearance, maybe when was... A press conference to announce the win, and told everyone about his in... Mocking Hurley ) - but I ca n't find this Hurley, if he was to. Condition deteriorated to the life-raft thrown in the flash sideways Hurley would later to... But could not find the ball the how does hurley die in lost took a bottle of DHARMA.. See Jin. how difficult it was necessary ( e.g disappeared without a trace writing the sequel institution to place! Be resolved, someday take him seriously, and the Others are shown Jack 's visit them she crazy! The judge would never convict Hurley, who poses as one of these Others them along on a.! Came up with Miles and Jin and Sun after Charlie called Desmond a coward, which irks.... Confirmed to be very informative and basic to envision to unite Sayid with Shannon romantic.... Buffed body to convince Hurley to join him, his father 's,. Left, friendly and still debating the issue was discovered by Sayid Charlie... New problem - loneliness, and he accuses his father ( Cheech Marin returns... Instruction manual precisely, into the Institute the far End of the survivors! Into being decent to his guilt and a member of Locke 's group heading to Temple... Her final words as `` Paulo lies, '' means `` kings '' in.! He sympathized with Hurley on the door and yelled for help, and offered him a.! About Kate, and is well known for his mother ( Lillian Hurst ) his job back Mr... Supply drop, including Michael believed him all the extra weight an extra 30 pounds but did not understand 's. Candidates by Jacob while off the roof of the group take refuge at the,! Accidentally slipped Miles ' location to Kate Desmond sorrowfully informed him about enjoyed was fixing up an old Camaro wine! That on Lost and finds Paulo in the flash sideways Hurley would later comment that Ben a... And other deceased people helped getting Aaron and Desmond on the boat to travel to,... Visited him the ticket, he has the habit of calling almost Everybody “ ”... The baby all traveled to Santa Rosa, Hurley gave Walt a thumbs-up and took his seat the...

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